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Gastra cooked chickpeas (chickpeas cooked in a clay pot)


The Cycladic island of Sifnos is famous for a dish called Revithia sti Gastra – chickpeas slow-cooked in a clay pot called a gastra. The islanders are passionate about their chick peas almost all of them grow some. They love them so much that the eat them every Sunday probably as long as Sundays have … [Read more…]

Tahini Honey and Fig cookies


These delicious little cookies are a great way to impress guests. With a soft and gooey filling of tahinomelo, a mixture of tahini and honey with a dough like consistency  surrounded by a cinnamon, orange dough, made with olive oil and honey they taste quintessentially Greek. Print Recipe Tahini Honey and Fig cookies Course Desserts … [Read more…]