September 2016

Smoked Trout Wilted Lettuce Garden Salad


This salad is about surprises from flavors and textures. There is the crunch from the kohlrabi the softness of the trout the velvety of the wielded lettuce and in between you have capers scallions purslane and arugula and if that wasn’t enough the dill and the lime play around withe smokiness of the trout. This … [Read more…]

Tahini Honey and Fig cookies


These delicious little cookies are a great way to impress guests. With a soft and gooey filling of tahinomelo, a mixture of tahini and honey with a dough like consistency  surrounded by a cinnamon, orange dough, made with olive oil and honey they taste quintessentially Greek. Print Recipe Tahini Honey and Fig cookies Course Desserts … [Read more…]

Beetroot, potato and ginger soup


We love this soup. Not only is it beautifully jewel-colored but it’s texture is rich and velvety.  Whenever we’ve served bowls to beetroot skeptics they’ve been completely won over. And it’s versatile too: in the colder months it can be served hot with the ginger providing a warm, spicy and soothing flavor. But it’s equally … [Read more…]