Berbere spiced chicken⁠

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Dad and I discovered berbere in Rome while sitting in a café near the Campo de’ Fiori market. “Something smells really good,” Dad said, before following his nose like a bloodhound to the spice stand. There, the seller told him about a chilespice blend called berbere, an essential addition to Ethiopian dishes, from vegetables to meats and stews. After that day, it has earned a permanent place on our kitchen shelves and in our hearts and has also become a favorite among our friends. We now mix our own berbere using black cardamom, kings cumin (also known as ajowan or carom), fenugreek, and paprika, to name a few. -Olivia

You can find the recipe on page 196 of our cookbook Sea Salt and Honey.

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Berbere spiced chicken⁠
Course Main Dishes
Cuisine Mediterranean
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Calories 265kcal
Protein 21g
Fat 15g
Carbs 9g
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