Hello my name is Chloe and together with my sister Olivia and my dad Nicholas we are gonna try to share with you our cooking adventures in creating Pure, Healthy, and Absolutely Delicious dishes.

Our family is obsessed with food. For as long as I can remember our life has circled around cooking and eating. When is the next meal? What are we going to have? Aren’t you still full from what we just ate? Even going to the grocery store was a family affair because we all love food so much that is wasn’t an errand, it was a treat. At first, I didn’t really obtain the ability to cook. My parents were such exquisite cooks there was no need. They consistently put quality food on the table for my sister and I to enjoy. We had our regular dishes like Papou’s meat sauce or chicken in tomato sauce over rice but they always tried new dishes as well, encouraging us to try new things, especially my father.

Our dad went to great many lengths to get us to try new things sometimes we would make a bet (a less than pleasant encounter with chicken liver comes to mind) but usually he would just sneak it in and tell me what I ate after I told him it was delicious. I would say “I don’t like onions.” I was so incredibly wrong. My dad taught me that maybe I don’t like to eat a slice of raw onion on an american burger but onion sauteed in olive oil with garlic — it does not get much better. It didn’t stop at onions though, he also often snuck different spices or secret ingredients, usually complimenting flawlessly, and usually something I claimed I “didn’t like”. He definitely made my palate much more adventurous whether he had to trick me into it or not.

At the house where I grew up in Connecticut, we had a huge garden I could never forget. My favorite were would be the cherry tomatoes that i could pick and eat on the spot. We also had chickens, ducks and a rooster. We had an abundance of eggs that were so fresh the yokes were a vivid orange, unlike anything you’d see from a supermarket egg.  Having fresh ingredients at our disposal, really set the tone going forward.